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Broad Financial Launches New Alternative Investment Funds Designed for the Self Directed IRA and Solo 401K Investor

December 17, 2010

Broad Financial LLC, a New York-based diversified financial services company specializing in self directed IRA's and Solo 401K plans, has recently introduced two alternative investment funds, a tax lien fund and a real estate fund.

The financial services company, Broad Financial LLC, which offers a range of self directed IRA's and individual 401K plans, has recently launched two new alternative investment funds for investors seeking low risk, high return opportunities.

"Our exciting new tax lien and real estate funds are focused on financial growth and safety," said Broad Financial's Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Gleich. "Our mission is simple - to create value and exceed anticipated returns for our investors," he said.

The introduction of the Broad Tax Lien Fund comes after the company's many years of successfully investing in tax liens, which have generated interest at rates that are well above market, especially in a weaker economy, said Mr. Gleich.

"Municipally issued tax liens offer investors solid growth along with the security of a strong safety net over a relatively short duration," Gleich said. "Our fund has a track record of growth and safety - we believe in it, and stand behind it, one hundred percent," he said.

Through the Broad Real Estate Fund, the company strategically acquires, manages and repositions sound yet underperforming multifamily apartment communities to create value in today's challenging environment. The company's management team has successfully developed, owned, and managed millions of square feet of real estate over the past 30 years.

"We only purchase properties that are well positioned to weather those inevitable financial storms," said Gleich. "We don't wait for opportunity to knock on our door - we go out and find it, thus creating value for our tenants, our investors, and our firm."

Since it was established in 2004, Broad Financial has offered a range of flexible, updated self directed IRA's and Solo 401K plans for all working, retired, and self-employed Americans, through the Ultimate IRA® and the Broad Financial Solo 401K®. The new tax lien and real estate funds were introduced in response to investor demand for alternative investment opportunities.

"We uniquely cater to a broad range of discerning investors seeking self-directed retirement plans, as well as alternative investment opportunities," said Gleich. "We're here to help investors take the right steps to assure the financial growth and safety of their retirement accounts."

For more information about Broad Financial, the company's self directed IRA and Solo 401K plans, or their alternative investment funds, please contact Daniel Gleich at 800 395 5200 (toll-free), or visit BroadFinancial.com.

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