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Slatwall Commerce Introduces New App and Storefront Starter Kit for Contentful

September 30, 2021

The new app and storefront starter kit make it easier and faster to pull product data directly from the Slatwall Commerce platform into your Contentful pages to create the exact customer experience and storefront design you want.

Worcester, MA - Slatwall Commerce, a leading provider of headless commerce software, today announced the launch of their application and storefront starter kit for Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business.

The Slatwall Commerce for Contentful app and starter kit empowers brands to employ the full benefits of headless commerce and a modern content platform by providing everything eCommerce marketing and development teams need to quickly build, launch, and continuously optimize unique and high-performing digital commerce storefronts.

Retailers, B2B, and D2C businesses of all sizes struggle with the best way to meet customer needs and expectations in the digital-first era. One of the challenges faced by eCommerce brands today includes finding an eCommerce platform that provides the right tools for both marketing and development teams to create revenue-driving digital commerce storefronts. Developers need a platform that is agile, powerful, and flexible while marketing teams require complete control over the design, content and creative aspects of the storefront. The Slatwall Commerce for Contentful app and storefront starter kit delivers for both teams.

Benefits include:
Faster time to market. Developers can quickly install the app, connect their Slatwall installation and the storefront is up and running, thanks to a complete storefront template and framework that is purposefully built for integration.

Improved flexibility and control. The storefront starter kit is easily customized, extended, and themed, allowing for complete control over the customer experience and storefront design while maintaining all of the power that an integrated storefront has to offer.

High performance. Not only can the app be installed within minutes, but by leveraging the speed of the API, storefronts built with the new starter kit are high-performing, making them perfect for search engine optimization and mobile shopping experiences.

Merchandising control. Marketing teams have the ability to pull data directly from Slatwall Commerce using the app, allowing them to create pages to exact specifications using product information within the platform.

“Many companies have been asking us for a kit that will help them get started with connecting headless eCommerce and content systems,” says David Crouch, CEO of Slatwall Commerce. “With our Contentful app and starter kit, we’ve made it easier and faster for companies to build and launch powerful, content-driven digital storefronts. Technology teams can use the starter kit to quickly prove that headless commerce sites powered by Slatwall Commerce and Contentful are the future.”

“It’s more important than ever for businesses to have the ability to easily experiment and iterate the content that powers their storefront and delivers exceptional digital experience,” said Jeff Blattel, director of technical partnerships, Americas, at Contentful. “We are pleased to partner with Slatwall Commerce to enable customers to harness this competitive advantage through the app and starter kit for Contentful.”

To learn more about connecting Contentful with Slatwall Commerce, visit https://www.slatwallcommerce.com/contentful/

To get the Slatwall for Contentful app, visit https://www.contentful.com/marketplace/app/slatwall-commerce/

About Slatwall Commerce
Slatwall Commerce is a modern eCommerce platform that combines enterprise features with headless commerce flexibility. Our single-tenant software-as-a-service platform powers a wide range of B2B and B2C enterprises, empowering them to create engaging customer experiences while managing products, orders, accounts, inventory, fulfillment, marketing, customer service, and reporting in a single solution. Slatwall SaaS is cloud-based and includes robust 24/7 customer support. For more information, visit https://www.slatwallcommerce.com/

About Contentful
Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business, helps over 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of brands around the world create and manage digital experiences for their customers across any channel. It enables greater speed and scale than traditional CMS solutions. Contentful unifies content in a single hub, structures it for use in any digital channel, and integrates seamlessly with hundreds of other tools through open APIs. Companies such as Gucci, Plaid, Goodrx, Intercom, Notion, Staples and many others rely on Contentful’s platform. For more information, visit https://www.contentful.com/

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